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Hi! I'm Corrie, a 17 year old fangirl from Minnesota. I post lots of band related things. Along with cartoons, food, nature, fashion, movies, TV shows, art, and other random shit. I have a deep obsession with musicians and actors. If you ever wanna talk, my ask is always open. (◡‿◡✿)

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Played — 87,652 times
Trackname — Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Artist — Lady Gaga
Album — Cheek To Cheek


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look at this snape i found


it seems normal but then


what is this


turn to page 394 motherfucker



How do you become someone who puts stickers on fruit because I think I could do that

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Everything you love is here
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ma’am im sorry but that baby was due today, i don’t care if its not done just turn in what you have

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